Landlord Insurance

Managing one or more properties is a lot of responsibility, which is where Brown Bevan’s Landlords Insurance can help.


You can ensure that your property or properties, be they residential or commercial, occupied or unoccupied, are fully covered.

Comparing products from highly-rated insurers, Brown Bevan can arrange quality protection in a process that is quick and easy. By asking you a few key questions, our team at Brown Bevan will be able to gauge your requirements and help you gain a better understanding of the levels of cover available with Landlord Insurance. These include:

  • Contents – If anything happens to the furniture, fixtures or fittings, these can be replaced or repaired under contents cover.
  • Loss of rent / Alternative accommodation – If your property is damaged in a fire or a flood, your rent will be covered while the property is brought back to a habitable form.
  • Landlord liability – If a tenant or one of their visitors trips on a loose tile and hurts themselves, they could make a claim against you. Landlord Liability will protect you in such an instance from a claim payout and any legal fees.
  • Accidental damage – Tenants don’t want to cause damage to your property any more than you’d want them to, which is why accidental damage insurance gives peace of mind to both parties if a tenant leaves the taps running of forgets to lock the doors.

If you’re are Landlord and would like to discuss protection for your property further, speak to us at Brown Bevan on 0115 8400 700